Molly…the inspiration behind the brand, and the lifestyle!

The idea for our company came in an unexpected way. We had our daughter, Molly on Christmas Eve 2005 and she never took a breath of air. As a pediatric nurse and mom, it was a tragedy and I was so in need of answers. I started to do research about stillbirths, and found studies linking some of the causes to chemicals in the mother… from food and household products. The more I dug, the more I found. Medical studies, animal studies, mounting scientific evidence and human lab evidence that we are poisoned. I wondered why I never looked into chemicals before and how I thought organic food and grass fed meat was so necessary but organic chemical free shampoo… I barely gave it a thought. Sure I would buy a name brand “all natural” product here and there, but it was more for the fun of it, and now I know many brands were NOT truly all natural. Continue reading “Molly…the inspiration behind the brand, and the lifestyle!”