Laundry Powder 70 loads

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Comprised of only five earth-derived ingredients and formulated especially for sensitive skin, Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes AND your family. PLUS, rated “A” in the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning!

The super-concentrated powder is long-lasting and affordable, with just one tablespoon required per load. Just as effective as conventional brands and more effective than natural brands, without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic- and High Efficiency (HE) washer-safe.

Loads of laundry to tackle (pun intended)? Check out our 120 load size here! Or, save on your purchase of two Laundry Powder 120 Loads here! Follow up with our energy-efficient, 100% hand felted Wool Dryer Balls.

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