Sweater Stone


Here’s the deal – nothing says ‘old’ like fabric with goosebumps on it. But we can still rock our gorgeous go-to sweaters and knits — they just need a little tidying up with a Sweater Stone to revive the fibers and remove the pills.

These all-natural and eco-friendly stones are sourced from volcanic pumice. The cells within the stones hide sharp edges that pull and remove irritating pills and balls from your favorite garment.

Here’s how it works.

Lay your garment flat and test your Sweater Stone on an inconspicuous area. Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and use short, gentle, downward strokes. Do not change direction. Keep going until all those pills are snicked away. Gently shake out your garment over a garbage can to remove any pumice dust and loose pilling. If you’re using your Sweater Stone on a couch or sofa, briefly vacuum over the area. Voila! Welcome to your new laundry room staple!

Use the Sweater Stone on sweaters, woolen jackets, couches and sofas, blankets, fleece, jersey knits, and more. Don’t use it on silks or very fine knits.

Expert Tip: You can also use the Sweater Stone to remove pet hair from upholstery.

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