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Unscented Laundry Powder 70 loads


Comprised of only four earth-derived ingredients and formulated especially for sensitive skin, this Unscented Laundry Powder is the safest choice available for your clothes and your family.

The super-concentrated powder is long-lasting and affordable, with just one tablespoon required per normal sized load. This is one of the purest and most effective laundry powders available as it’s formulated without harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients. It is pure, powerful, and safe for both people and the planet.

  • Long-lasting, super concentrated powder
  • Best option for all general laundry uses and fabric types, including synthetics, natural, and blended fabrics
  • Color-safe
  • Safe for standard and HE washers
  • Made with just four earth & mineral-derived ingredients.
  • Gentle, pure formula is a perfect choice for those with allergies, eczema, and sensitive skin
  • No harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients
  • Use concentrated formula as a stain pretreatment
  • Gluten-free, Vegan, and Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny

Loads of laundry to tackle? Check out our 120 load size or save when you purchase a two-pack.  And, if you’re really into savings, cut down on your drying time up to 30% with our hand-felted Wool Dryer Balls.

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Sodium carbonate sourced from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate (heptahydrate), and unrefined sea salt.

Molly’s Suds is a Trusted Source for laundry products with strict ingredient integrity and disclosure of ALL ingredients. We promise that we will never knowingly formulate with any of the following ingredients:

  • Synthetic Fragrance, Dyes, Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, Chlorine, Known Carcinogens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Phthalates, Parabens

All Machines  vegan Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free

Additional Uses and Tips:


Stain Pretreatment

This concentrated formula gives our laundry powder the power to remove even tough stains. For pretreatment, wet the stained garment with cool water, rinsing from the inside out to push the stain back out of the fibers. Sprinkle the Laundry Powder over the stain to form a paste, gently brushing into the stain. Allow to sit for up to an hour before rinsing and washing as normal.

If you have particularly tough or set stains, we recommend using the Oxygen Whitener or our All Sport Laundry Wash.

Where are the bubbles?

Our Laundry Powder is low-sudsing. This makes it safe for both standard and HE machines — but it can also seem odd when you look into your washer there is hardly a bubble to be found! How is it going to clean the clothes?

The idea that suds are needed to get an effective clean is a myth. It’s actually the right amount of water and agitation that do most of the work! Excess suds in the wash can actually have the reverse effect, preventing the soap from doing its job by creating a foam barrier around the clothing. This leaves a soap residue on the fabrics and doesn’t clean the garment. Suds also inhibit your HE machine from properly sensing the load, causing incomplete rinse cycles, extra wear and tear on expensive parts.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder doesn’t contain any chemical-based sudsing agents. We choose to use pure, natural ingredients that have minimal suds. So, if you peek into your washer and worry about the lack of bubbles, rest assured that this is a sign of an effective, natural, safer clean.

I’ve got residue on my dark clothing!

If you’re experiencing white residue on your laundry, don’t worry — it’s not the powder that’s the problem, it’s the water. Residue occurs for one of two reasons.

First, you may need to turn up the temp of your water a bit. Very cold water sometimes can’t fully dissolve the laundry powder, which results in a poor wash and white residue. In general, we recommend that you always launder clothing in warm or hot water, but this is especially true when you’re using our Laundry Powder. If your garment care instructions recommend cold water, choose our Liquid Laundry Detergent or All Sport Laundry Wash instead.

The second possible reason for residue is that you have particularly hard water. This is easy to overcome. Add a splash of white vinegar to the washer drum. This will help balance the water PH and ensure a thorough clean without the residue.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 9.5 in

6 reviews for Unscented Laundry Powder 70 loads

  1. Renee

    Although there are only 4 of us in our house, we also have 3 fur-humans. So really, when we are doing laundry, we count 7 dirty-laundry-makers. We love our Molly’s liquid detergent! Our pups are pretty sensitive and all of our Molly’s products are perfect for washing their doggy bedding, towels, and really anything they come into contact with. Thanks for another great purchase experience!

  2. Brandy

    There is no other laundry detergent I will ever want to use. Just a tiny bit of this powder is mightier than the cups of other laundry detergent needed for each load of laundry. My clothes look, smell and feel so clean! Molly’s has me for life!

  3. Sara

    This stuff works great, and I feel good about using it. I put a scoop in the bin of our frontloader and everything comes out clean. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to scents, so it’s great to have the unscented option. I’m going to put some in a smaller container and take it on a 2 week beach vacation with us, which is more convenient than trying to find a small bottle at a store then dragging the leftover back home in the car. Highly recommend!

  4. Andrea McCarthy

    I have been using this product for a couple of years and love it! It gets the clothes clean without lots of chemicals and unnecessary scents.

  5. tracie ahrens

    Good product

  6. Jackie

    Did a few loads already and it is by far the best I’ve ever used! I seriously only need one scoop to get things clean and fresh, love the no scent and it feels clean, no residue like I’ve gotten with past liquid or powder detergent, I’ve tried many natural detergent in the past and this is going to be my one and only from now on.

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