Wet+Dry Mermaid Clutch


Keep things safe and stylish in our Wet+Dry Mermaid Clutch!

We’ve teamed up with Logan + Lenora to create the ultimate go-to clutch for all occasions. Whether you’re a mom on-the-go, an athlete at the gym, a professional traveller, or just looking for a perfect place to store unmentionables or snacks, we’ve created this bag just for you. It’s durable, stain resistant, waterproof, vapor proof, and entirely free of harmful toxins and chemicals. This means that you can use it for anything, from dirty diapers, to wet swimsuits, to snacks. No leaks, no smells, no messes — no worries.

You also get to enjoy our beautiful signature mermaid scale print. (We love mermaids!) Logan + Lenora’s eco-responsible manufacturing process creates these bags with a smaller carbon footprint than conventional manufacturing processes. As with all of our products, we strive to be safe for the planet, as well as safe for people.

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