Personalized Molly's Suds
Gift Baskets

PERFECT for Executive Gift Giving, Housewarming Parties, Bridal and Baby
Showers, Mother's Day, Christmas and the list goes on!

Products free of phthalates,
perfume & dyes.

No formaldehyde, no parabens, no SLS/SLES,
no harsh chemicals & no animal testing...ever! 

New to Molly's Suds?

Try our Starter Pack, it’s a great way to begin the steps to a toxic
free home. It’s on sale for $70!

Reduce drying time
by 15-30%

Wool Dryer Balls are great for all types of laundry
& lasts up to 1,000 loads or 3 years in the dryer.
Hand felted with sustainable, cruelty free wool.

Stains, odor &
bacteria be gone!

All Sport is designed to work on synthetic fabrics
like performance wear, wicking materials & uniforms. 

Molly’s Suds products are made with earth and plant derived ingredients.